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Acer Support Number Australia 1-800-894-139

Acer Support Number Australia 1-800-894-139

We are providing complete technical support for Acer Laptop and Desktop.

How To Reinstall An Acer Aspire

If you are an Acer Aspire user and you are experiencing issues program freezing, system slow down and many other issues then, its time to reinstall your computer. It is very easy to reinstall Acer system due to its built-in restore functions.

Follow these steps provided by Acer support Australia to reinstall Acer Aspire and if any issue occurs then you can call Acer support number 1-800-894-139 to get your problems resolved.

• Turn on the system and wait for the ‘Acer splash screen' with Acer logo to appear.
• When you see the flash screen press ‘F10’ key and ‘Alt' key at the same time until the Windows e-recovery option screen' is displayed.
• Now, from the main screen, choose the windows installation option. Here you will be prompted that all your data and information on the drive is lost.
• Choose the windows operating system which you want to overwrite. Usually there is only one operating system but for instance if there is Linux as well as Windows then you choose any of them by pressing button 1 or 2.
• Now, you have to choose to partition your C/: drive or in which you have installed your OS. This will install the fresh copy of the OS as it will format the previous copy of OS. Wait till the whole process is completed and your drive will be formatted. After that, Windows will reinstall on your systems.
• If your ‘Alt+F-10' option does not work then ask for a recovery CD from the Acer. After booting the computer in the CD drive, follow the same steps as given above.

By following the given procedure you can easily reinstall your system. This will help you to resolve your slowing down issues of the computer. After reinstalling the Operating System your system run faster and without any interruption.

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Max Cooper 04/18/2017 13:47

Really I am very impressed from this post.Thanks for sharing this article. If you are facing problems in setting up security firewall on your system. Do not need to worry, just call at Acer Computer help number Australia @ 1-800-875-393 to get instant solution.